The perfect foundations for modular building manufacturers and hire solutions from Epaccsys

Epaccsys specialise in technology-based solutions for the modular buildings sector. We help them innovate and deliver world-class products using the most cost-efficient processes.

Epaccsys have focused on best practice approaches to maximise efficiency, deliver better quality and maximise your returns.

At Epaccsys we also know that in doing so, you must adhere to closely controlled processes to develop products that meet the strictest quality standards and stringent regulatory requirements.

Modular building sector areas we specialise in are:

  • Modular building/homes manufacturing

  • Portable and temporary building hire

  • Refurbished buildings

  • Rental and temporary use

Epaccsys embracing Epicor’s technology have created the perfect end-to-end solution for modular building manufacturers, suppliers and associated services.

So much more than simply ERP, the Epaccsys Epicor solution for Modular Buildings & Homes delivers a practical, flexible and scalable solution to your problems

Designed with engineering and manufacturing environments in mind, Epaccsys have ensured the solution goes beyond traditional ERP systems to provide financial, product, customer relationship and supply chain management solutions specific to the modular buildings industry. Our software provides best practice in all areas of the solution but is flexible enough to be customised to your exact requirements using easy-to-use tools that do not compromise future upgrades or integrations. All to give you real-world, real-time data you can access, analyse and action to drive accurate decision making.

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Developed based on tried and tested technology with over 25 years in the ERP market place, Epaccsys have developed a solution that provides best practice processing and reporting for the modular buildings and homes sector using ‘out of the box’ technology.

A comprehensive solution for modular building manufacturing and hire

One fully integrated and shared operation-wide solution can replace disparate systems and pull together all your key functions to offer you a wide range of business benefits, including:

  • Adherence with relevant industry standards and regulations; BS 3632, ISO 9001, WEEE, RoHS and Building Regulations

  • Sales Configurator – configuration of building through selection of available and allowable options calculation of costs and prices, and suggested manufacturing and purchasing requirements

  • Drawings/image generation – Integration with CAD to provide graphic representation

  • Rental and hire – Management of the rental process; agreement, delivery, installation, commissioning and billing. Alerting and reminders of end dates with flexibility to extend, renew or reduce as required

  • Asset and service management – build records, warranties, service levels, maintenance activities scheduling and recording, planned and unplanned maintenance, cost analysis, case management, field service options, asset and service history

  • Technical documentation database; design drawings, specifications, manuals, calculations, and labelling

  • Integrated quality assurance: QC, inspection procedures and test results collection. Management of incident reports, complaints, NCR and corrective actions. Full traceability with multi-level serialisation and unique numbering control

  • Materials planning and supply chain management

  • KANBAN functions and lean strategies to improve lead times and reduce waste

  • Advanced units of measure – dimensions and attributes to maintain and transact in multiple units of measure

  • Elimination of manual data entry through barcode technology, from supply and manufacture through to delivery

  • Mixed mode manufacturing to cater for a variety of business environments with make-to-order, configure-to-order, project/bespoke and make-to-stock

  • Project management – projects capability to manage costs and progress, from design and specification, manufacturing, delivery and installation

  • Delivery and transport planning – with transport details, costs and load scheduling

  • Reduction in administration effort – Customer and supplier self-service portals

  • Approval processes include user-defined workflow and full approvals audit

Since 2000, the award-winning Epaccsys team has grown to become Epicor’s most successful and experienced partner in the UK and Europe. We can help you fully exploit the widely-trusted and technically innovative Epicor ERP manufacturing software. Powerful, flexible, scalable and designed to optimise your operations and resources, it can drive your growth and evolve as your business does.

So talk to us today and see how we can help take your business to the next level