“We used to run 3–4% scrap. Last month, we were down to 1.37%. You can’t get much better than that. That’s world-class, and is largely attributable to Advanced MES. It’s the tool that gives us the numbers we need to make good decisions.”


Dave Rose, Quality Engineer, Johnson Controls

As inflation and energy prices soar in the UK, does your ERP system allow you to analyse your performance, energy consumption and wastage?

Epicor ERP manufacturers use Advanced MES to; improve quality, reduce scrap, help ensure on-time delivery, and boost production throughput. It’s all about improving production execution and performance efficiency to gain a competitive advantage.

Staying competitive isn’t easy in today’s fast-paced agile manufacturing market. How do you make more without more assets? Uncover and eliminate downtime to make more parts or cut costs. With the rising cost of utilities and mounting pressure from stakeholders and government, companies look to operations management to correlate energy and item cost.

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can improve profitability, help lower utility bills and improve cost of goods sold.

Epicor Advanced MES collects data directly from equipment and operators on the shop floor in real-time, minimising inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection so you get a clear picture of the what, why, and when of downtime, cycle time, quality, and scrap. Real-time insight helps you pinpoint critical issues, reduce waste, and improve quality and customer service.

Schedule your workload in a way that reduces the plant or warehouse total power demand and takes advantage of rate variations can translate to significant savings – in terms of total energy consumed and the actual cost per kilowatt-hour.

Tackle and control energy consumption

Tackle power consumption and your rising energy costs with Epicor Advanced MES and Energy Monitoring – you can identify and act on opportunities for improvement. Analyse load patterns, production requirements, and resource energy demands, giving you the power to reduce peak demand and capture energy savings. You can quickly and easily capture and analyse energy performance indicators (EPIs) to reduce consumption and cut costs.

  • Real-time scorecards – access web-based scorecards to analyse, report and your track energy usage

  • Monitor energy use – by asset, machine, job, shift, product or any other dimension
  • Understand maintenance and quality in context of energy consumption

  • Improve product pricing accuracy – capture the energy cost to produce any item

  • Evaluate idle vs. shutdown – restart tradeoffs

  • Analyse load patterns, production requirements, and resource demands

  • Enhance company reputation and corporate responsibility – save money whilst going green

  • Reduce pollutant emissions

Talk to us about Advanced MES and performance efficiency gains for your organisation

“Epicor Advanced MES gives you the black and white; good or bad. It provides snapshots of machine settings, and when you graph those snapshots out you can identify problems early and go straight to the problem rather than using the old-school trial and error. It lets us be proactive and fix a problem before we make a bad part.”


Kenzie Beard, IT/IS Technical Service Specialist, Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls manufactures a full range of systems and digital solutions designed to make buildings, factories and vehicles smarter, safer, more comfortable, more efficient and ultimately, more sustainable. Dedicated to protecting the environment, Johnson Controls provides solutions to industries including automotive OEMs, healthcare, education, data centres and manufacturing.

Epicor Advanced MES empowered Johnson Controls to boost their bottom line through better operations, higher quality, and reduced scrap.

Key benefits

  • Decreased scrap to 1.37% (reduced start-up scrap by 23% and running scrap by 27% in last 7 years)
  • Decreased machine downtime by 3.1%
  • 13% improvement in conversion cost (cost to make each unit)
  • 8% increase in overall productivity
  • 50% reduction in changeover time
  • Annual cost of quality reduced by $600,000

Tackle costs, reduce emissions and help cut recurring energy bills with a real-time, cloud application to monitor and analyse energy use in manufacturing plant.

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