Power your business to a new level with ERP software

If you manufacture for the automotive or aerospace industries, you’ll know the importance of quality and traceability to your customers.

Chances are your operations also include complex, multi-level BOMs, utilising a wide array of manufacturing tooling, materials, assemblies and human resources. So a flexible, integrated, practical and enterprise-wide manufacturing system, which can help you control and manage an extensive range of techniques, is crucial.

Increasing budgetary restraints and stringent regulatory environments bring additional pressures to bear on your business, meaning that maximising visibility, coordination and efficiency while minimising costs, waste and timelines are mission critical.

The real-world, real-time data this ERP manufacturing software delivers is easily accessed, analysed and actioned to empower your decision making.

Many needs and functions, one solution

The Epicor ERP software solution can meet all the disparate requirements your operation needs. Its comprehensive suite of modules – which can be tailored to your requirements – is specifically designed for the manufacturing environment.

This ERP system is powerful, scalable and flexible. In fact, its inbuilt Business Process Management tools can apply enforced rules, limits, audit and workflow controls to any field or process.

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    Developed over 25 years, Epicor ERP software is proven in action and already delivers results for over 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

    A comprehensive solution for automotive and aerospace manufacturers

    This single, fully integrated and shared operation-wide ERP solution can integrate an extensive range of functions, to deliver many important operational benefits, including:

    • EDI Integration and Schedule Management

    • Design to manufacture with 2-D CAD, 3-D CAD and E-CAD integration

    • Complex multi-level BOM and Routings control

    • Engineering Change Control (ECC) and full approvals audit

    • Traceability – from design through manufacture to distribution

    • QA to industry standards: RoHS, WEEE, ISO/AS900, Automotive (TS), Aerospace (AS)

    • Workflow control with process and product history

    • KANBAN functions and Lean strategies to improve lead times and reduce waste

    • MRP and finite/infinite/combined capacity planning

    • Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) for progress and costing

    • Barcode technology and customer specific labelling

    • Serialisation and unique numbering control

    • Calibrations and test data recording

    • Certification, conformity, inspections and test analysis control

    • Governance, risk and compliance controls

    • Multi-site, multi-currency, multi-warehouse and multi-country options

    eRequisitions Module For Epicor From Epaccsys

    Get a winner on-side for your ERP implementation

    Since 2000, the award-winning Epaccsys team has grown to become Epicor’s most successful, experienced and expert partner in the UK and Europe. We can help you fully exploit the widely-trusted, technically innovative Epicor ERP manufacturing software. Powerful, flexible, scalable and designed to optimise your operations and resources, it can drive your growth and evolve as your business does.

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