Flexible manufacturing systems for electronic and high-tech equipment businesses

No matter what kind of high-tech devices or equipment you design, manufacture and deliver – from instruments for measuring and metering to circuit boards and panels, controls and power systems – your enterprise faces a number of key challenges.

It’s always been the case that high-tech equipment demands equally high standards and quality control from concept to manufacture and distribution. And when hasn’t there been a competitive landscape with constantly changing customer demand?

However, today’s high-tech manufacturing sector places additional burdens on your business. These range from technology continuing to rapidly advance and evolve to increasing regulation and environmental concerns.

Our ERP manufacturing software can help you overcome these challenges and more

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    It’s mission critical for you to stay one step ahead in terms of product quality, manufacturing costs and on-time deliveries, while meeting your statutory obligations. The Epicor ERP manufacturing system can enable you to successfully all address these needs. It’s designed for organisations like yours – manufacturing all types of electronic and high tech devices, such as:

    • Make to Order and Make to Stock

    • Engineer to Order

    • Configured products

    Delivering information you can easily access, analyse and action

    Accurate, real-world, real-time data is vital to streamlining your operations and boosting performance, productivity and profitability. Epicor ERP manufacturing systems are an easy to implement, efficient and effective way of delivering this information.

    This solution is powerful, flexible and scalable with a full suite of modules that can be customised to your exact needs, using the inbuilt Business Processes Management tool to apply enforced rules, limits, audit and workflow controls to any field or process.

    eRequisitions Module For Epicor From Epaccsys

    Developed over 25 years, Epicor ERP software is proven in action and already delivers results for over 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

    A comprehensive solution for electronics and high-tech manufacturers

    This one shared operation-wide ERP solution can integrate a wide range of your functions to deliver clear operational benefits, including:

    • New Product Introduction (NPI) projects and costings

    • Workflow control – process and product history plus PLM option

    • Multi-level BOM and Routings control

    • Reference Designation with XYZ co-ordinates and rotation positioning

    • Engineering Change Control (ECC) and full Approvals Audit

    • Design to Manufacture with 2-D CAD, 3-D CAD and E-CAD integration

    • Traceability – from design through manufacture to distribution

    • Multi-level serialisation and unique numbering

    • QA: to industry standards: RoHS, WEEE, ISO, Automotive (TS), Aerospace (AS), and FDA (21CFR11)

    • KANBAN functions and Lean strategies to improve lead times and reduce waste

    • Carousel integration

    • Planning and MRP systems

    • Supply Chain Management

    • Barcode technology, from manufacture to warehouse

    • Warranty and service management

    • Multi-site, multi-currency, multi-warehouse and multi-country options

    • Certification, conformity, inspections and test analysis control

    • Governance, risk and compliance controls

    Back a winner in ERP implementation

    Since 2000, the award-winning Epaccsys team has grown to become Epicor’s most successful, experienced and expert partner in the UK and Europe. We can help you fully exploit the widely-trusted, technically innovative Epicor ERP manufacturing system. Powerful, flexible, scalable and designed to optimise your operations and resources, it can drive your growth and evolve as your business does.

    So talk to us today and see how we can help take your business to the next level