Technical Architecture

Intuitive, productive and agile next-generation service orientated architecture reduces costs, increases hardware utilisation, optimises infrastructure and server availability

Eliminate the technology, integration and accessibility barriers that stifle productivity with Epicor’s agile, next-generation business architecture. Epicor leveraged years of development experience on Microsoft® .NET SOA framework to create a business architecture called Epicor Internet Component Environment (ICE).

It considers all logic, including the client, as ‘business services’, so all Epicor next-generation enterprise applications can be manipulated using Epicor business process management (BPM) and Epicor Service Connect. Epicor True SOA™ also features the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework, a unique technology that stores all client business logic as XML metadata. This permits Epicor applications to run as smart clients, or web clients, or on mobile devices, all from the same source code.

Download Technical Architecture Overview
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Epicor Everywhere Framework
  • Web Services
  • Operating System & Database Independence
  • Information Worker
  • Web 2.0 (Content, Presence, Collaboration, Search)
  • Business Process Management
  • Updatable Dashboards
  • Interface Applications with Service Connect

Connect people, systems and processes with state of the art true service oriented architecture

  • Reliable – 24×7 access to service the needs of global operations and their customers; including online backup and complete fail-safe options

  • Anytime, anywhere access – to essential information for all employees whatever their chosen interface or device
  • Scalable – from a single location to multiple sites around the world, Epicor offers scalable and easy to deploy solutions for simple to complex operations with flexible deployment options

  • Create and apply unique business processes – alerts and workflows without customising the software

  • Compete more effectively – on cost, quality and response times by using collaboration and information access to empower your teams

  • Combine business processes – across multiple sites or branches in alignment with your customers, suppliers and partners

  • Enhance user productivity – with Enterprise Search users can locate information quickly and efficiently within a familiar search interface and link directly to related information

  • Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office – view, modify and update business data from within familiar Microsoft Office applications

  • Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) – collaborative solution enables employees to share information with each other and business partners, working together to solve problems

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