Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Inventory White Paper


Over 650 health and social care workers died of COVID-19 during the first six months of the pandemic. Now NHS trusts must respond to a second wave of the virus, alongside the expected challenge of winter flu. Are they prepared?

As the coronavirus pandemic took hold, demand for PPE soared. Many healthcare workers reported going without the PPE they so desperately needed. As PPE costs quickly mounted, NHS procurement teams were forced to fall back on improvised supply lines.

We cannot improve what we do not measure.

Many NHS trusts are still unable to say whether they have the stock of PPE products they need, and delays in their accurate supply persist. Real-time visibility of inventory is critical.

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OVER 10% of all infections in England were among patient-facing healthcare workers and resident-facing social care workers
Distribution of face masks increased by 4,700% to 85-90 million units
Monthly distribution of eye protection increased by 17,000% to 7-8 million units

“Our solution is particularly relevant in this second wave of COVID-19, when visibility of PPE usage, PPE inventory balances by location, type and so on are critical to help NHS procurement make intelligent sourcing decisions.”

Rob Graham ERP Consultant NHS SpecialistRob Graham, Epaccsys Ltd