Project management software to improve your bottom-line profitability

A comprehensive solution for project oriented businesses – accurately estimate, plan, schedule, execute & analyse your projects

In a project-focused business, effective management of time and expense is critical. Epicor Project Management Software is a comprehensive solution for project managers who plan projects that can require intricate multilevel phases as well as strict project costing, revenue recognition and billing.

Epicor project management software is embedded within the robust capabilities of Epicor ERP and utilises the detailed estimation, planning, scheduling, costing, and supply chain logistics of Epicor for complete control and analysis of any project.

Ease the burden on project managers and provide access to everything relating to each project in a single place and share valuable knowledge to help your project teams leverage the full expertise of your business.

“Epicor sends automated approval request notifications to managers. Now, not only have we achieved greater control and accuracy in our T&E reporting, we did it without adding additional labour.”
John Whitmarsh, ClinPhone
Project Management Software
Professional Services Project Dashboard
  • Project Planning & Structuring
  • Resource Management
  • Time Management
  • Expense Management
  • Project Billing
  • Project Analytics
  • Mobile Time & Expense Management
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A comprehensive solution for project oriented businesses

Manage any scope of project including finances & resources – always deliver projects on time & on budget

  • Complete integration – from project planning, resource management, time and expense management, billing and revenue recognition
  • Compliance – contract requirements and accounting standards are easier to achieve
  • Project analysis & reporting – provides accurate and up-to-date information, and meaningful alerts to maximise billable time and manage a larger portfolio of projects
  • Flexible work breakdown structure – including multi-level phases of a project, for added visibility and the ability to accumulate and roll up costs for complex contract management
  • Manage costs closely – both online or on premise, accurately record multi-currency expenses across projects, jobs & service orders
  • Increase sales – with real-time connectivity, and intuitive business intelligence through to your supply-chain partners – bid and win business with confidence
  • Mobile expense management – enter expenses as they happen to improve expense accuracy
  • Mobile time management – easily capture your time while on the move, for fewer errors and missed billable time
  • Social Project Management – provide the internal and external project community visibility into the events of the project, as they happen, for transparency of project progress and more efficient collaboration

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